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What does a recruiter really do? Do you ever get the impression that they're just 'winging it' or that maybe they just don't see the placement as important as you do? Have the recruiters that you've worked with in the past really come to know you and your needs? Have they communicated well? Have they followed up on action items during the placement process as well as afterwards? The simple matter is that recruiters vary greatly in their ethics, ability, and willingness to do a proper job.

JM Scott International, managed directly by Jon McManus, provides, established, proven, and reputable recruiting and headhunting services to candidates and companies alike. The fact of the matter is that the recruiting world is a small world and a firms reputation will precede them. JM Scott has a well-established track record of delivering the best candidates at critical employment positions within organizations and this is a testament to our requiters and the process that we follow.

JM Scott recruiters use a five phase process that encompass the entire recruiting and placement process. Each step includes specific objectives and quantifiable actions. This process prepares candidates and hiring companies alike while filtering out erroneous mismatches that waste the time of everyone involved. This is not simple entry-level job hiring; this is missions critical job placement that mandates the right person and the right job where it is as much about culture and other intangibles as it is skills and experience. This trusted approach is what has had companies working with JM Scott repeatedly, time and time again, to continue to find the right intellectual capital assets for their institutions.